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Vacances à la plage

Included and a la carte services



Our vacation house is committed to exceeding guests' expectations, offering the perfect blend of privacy, comfort and exceptional services.

  • High-quality equipment such as the infinity swimming pool with an incredible panoramic sea view, the exotic wooden terraces and their summer lounges for relaxing moments, the private spa for ultimate relaxation, the elegantly furnished and decorated interiors, create a luxurious and memorable atmosphere guaranteeing an unforgettable stay for our guests. 

  • A la carte services allow guests to take full advantage of these magnificent areas. They can choose from gourmet meals prepared by the chef in the villa, or massages in luxurious settings. The reassuring presence of a baby-sitter gives parents the opportunity to recharge their batteries, creating a balance between pleasure and responsibility.

  • Whether it's a romantic dinner, a cultural experience, or a stroll on the beach, discover our selection of recommendations and activities in South Corsica.

In short, the villa creates an exclusive retreat where every vacationer can retreat to sumptuous surroundings, combining everlasting elegance with personalised services for an incomparable travel experience on the Isle of Beauty.

Included services


Visitors to Corsica are often looking for services to enhance their experience when they rent a luxury villa. That's why we've created a list of services that we're sure you'll appreciate. 


Femme achetant de l'ail

Optimize your first moments at the villa and make the most of every moment.

Simply send us an e-mail and we'll have your groceries waiting for you, carefully stored in the kitchen.

We suggest you do your shopping online on the casino drive website in Porto-Vecchio, preferably using our login and password to facilitate pick-up no later than 09:00 on Saturday morning.


Pre-arrival grocery delivery to start your vacation in good condition


Your grocery delivered

Housekeeping combines performance and respect for your privacy

Our qualified professional provides a complete housekeeping service of around 16 to 20 hours of cleaning per week, guaranteeing your well-being throughout your stay. 

Beds are prepared before arrival and bed linen will be changed every Saturday.

Bath and pool towels are replaced regularly.


A la carte services



Whether you're looking for a personalized experience, our à la carte services offer total flexibility. From customizing meals to booking exclusive massages, our mission is to create a trip that perfectly corresponds to your preferences. Enjoy the liberty of choice and let our service providers transform every detail into an unforgettable adventure. To guarantee availability, services should be ordered as early as possible.


Private chef
Table à dinner

Private chef : an exclusive culinary experience combining refinement and comfort


To make the most of your vacation, one of our chefs can organize your meals at the villa.

A simple table service can be provided on request. 

This luxury is accessible to all, so it's up to you to decide on the menu. Get ready to enjoy the festival of Corsican flavours. Need an idea? Explore our menu, conceived according to your most requested wishes.

Authentic Corsican gastronomy and local craft market


Corsican gastronomy is a skilful blend of pastoral and maritime traditions, offering a unique diversity of flavours and products.

The local markets of Porto-Vecchio and Lecci are ideal places to discover the diversity of Corsican crafts. You'll find an abundance of artisanal food products, such as charcuterie, cheeses and jams, as well as wickerwork, Corsican knives and handmade jewellery. Local artisans perpetuate age-old skills, guaranteeing unique and authentic souvenirs.

By visiting these markets, not only are you sampling the delights of Corsican cuisine, but you are also supporting local producers and the regional economy. An immersion in Corsican gastronomy is a true journey through time and the traditions of an island proud of its heritage.

Immerse yourself in this gastronomic and artisanal experience to fully appreciate the cultural and culinary wealth of Corsica.

sels de massage

Massages combine ultimate relaxation with moments of pure physical evasion


Let yourself be transported by this sensory escapade for a total relaxation. Our therapist is an expert in the art of massage, harmonizing fluid gestures and appeasing techniques to activate circulation and the mechanisms of relaxation.

A wide choice of treatments with organic Corsican essential oils (immortal, sea christ, sweet orange, lemon, myrtle, pine, rosemary, lavender...) is proposed to you among many others.

Included and a la carte services | Villa Diamondhead Corse

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